Best Electric Bike Under 2000 euros

Urban traffic congestion and pollution are major challenges. Electric bicycles offer an innovative, eco-friendly solution, gaining popularity. Don't worry about high prices – today, I'll introduce top-notch e-bikes below 2000 euros, some even under 1000 euros, without compromising quality. Enjoy effortless city navigation and healthy commuting pleasure.

Discover six top-rated electric bicycles priced below 2000 euros, with some even below 1000 euros, all maintaining high quality. If none suit your preferences, explore Holaty online store for a broader selection of affordable e-bikes in various price ranges. Happy browsing!


The ENGWE EP-2 Pro is a powerful electric bicycle equipped with a 750-watt high-performance motor, providing outstanding power and acceleration.

ENGWE hides the battery inside the frame, adding extra security to your portable power source. To access it, you simply need to use a key to split the frame into two halves.

The LCD display screen enhances the riding experience by allowing real-time monitoring of speed, mileage, and battery status.
Additionally, it features a three-step alloy folding frame design, allowing users to quickly fold and carry it when needed, making it ideal for urban commuting and travel.

Pros: Stylish appearance, lightweight, and practical. Affordable price.

Cons: Some testers reported brake noise being a bit loud.

Price: €999.00 (Get an additional €60 discount using the promo code.)

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ENGWE EP-2 Pro 2022 750W Folding Ebike



HIMO C26 Max is an upgraded version of the HIMO C26 electric bicycle. It possibly comes with a larger capacity battery, allowing the HIMO C26 to travel longer distances on a single charge, with a range of up to 100 kilometers, meeting daily commuting and travel needs and reducing the frequency of charging.

This electric bicycle is equipped with front and rear suspension systems, providing a more comfortable riding experience and reducing the impact of road bumps on the rider.

Pros: Comfortable and durable, long battery life.

Cons: Heavy body, long charging time.

Price: €1,799.00.

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HIMO C26 MAX 26 Inch Road Ebike



The KUGOO T01 is equipped with a 750W electric motor, providing strong power and acceleration, making the riding experience more effortless and convenient.

Moreover, the 20-inch tires make the KUGOO T01 ride more stable on city roads while adapting well to different terrains.

Pros: Cool appearance.

Cons: Heavy body.

Price: €1,499.00.

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KUGOO T01 750W 20 inch Electric Bicycle



Clever and convenient folding design allows for quick folding in just 10 seconds. Easily store it in the trunk, office, or maneuver through elevators for seamless riding anytime, anywhere. The upgraded heat-resistant inner ring enhances motor cooling, reducing magnetic decay and ensuring a longer lifespan.

Equipped with the G-DRIVE pedal-assist control system, it rapidly receives signals, detects, collects, and analyzes data to adapt to different road conditions. Switch between different assist modes during the ride and collect real-time data to effectively reduce energy loss.

Pros: Lightweight and easy to use, affordable price, DEKRA CE certification, GDRIVE pedal-assist control system.

Cons: Loud horn sound.

Price: €999.00.

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ADO A20F+ Folding Fat Tire Ebike With Throtte

Bezior X Plus

The 48V 1500W brushless motor delivers powerful climbing capability of up to 38°. Its star-shaped gear design enhances torque, energy efficiency, speed, and climbing performance. The safety-rated waterproof 48V 17.5AH lithium battery provides an electric-only range of about 60KM and an electric-assist range of approximately 130KM.

The tire design offers the ultimate comfort and stability on all terrains. With a width of 10 centimeters, the tires boast excellent anti-slip and shock absorption capabilities, ensuring smooth rides and outstanding grip.

Pros: Striking colors, maximum load capacity of 200 kilograms.

Cons: Heavy body.

Price: €1,729.00.

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Bezior X Plus 1500W folding mountain ebike



The LANKELEISI XT750 is an electric mountain bike equipped with a 500W rear brushless motor. This motor uses a permanent magnet rotor instead of mechanical commutation and brushes to reduce friction loss and increase speed. With its variable frequency speed control system, it adapts to the power supply frequency and maintains horsepower even during light or high-speed operation.

Pros: Powerful motor, great value for money.

Cons: Heavy, oversized saddle.

Price: €1,199.00, €30 off with code HOLA30.

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LANKELEISI XT750 Electric Mountain Bike

Electric bikes, as a part of the future urban transportation, are bringing us more convenient and eco-friendly ways of commuting. Whether it's the ENGWE EP-2 Pro, KUGOO T01, ADO A20F+, or Bezior X Plus, these best electric bicycles priced below 2000 euros can meet your various needs.

Before making a purchase, we recommend further researching user reviews for different brands and models, and choosing the electric bicycle that suits you best based on your own circumstances.、

With the continuous advancement of technology, we believe there will be more outstanding electric bicycles in the future, offering us more choices and enjoyment in our travels. Let's together build a green and intelligent new era for urban transportation!

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