Top Electric Bike Brands in the Netherlands

British and US settlers beat them in the speed with which they adopted cycling as a regular routine. Dutch Bike City has a reputation for quality and is definitely worthy of the name. It is something the Dutch will not leave out in the foreseeable future. When we discuss city ebike in Netherland (especially those which connect to their country), we are bound to get some anticipation. List a few brands which Dutch riders have trusted?

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VanMoof is based out of Amsterdam and is currently located by the Carlier brothers with headquarters. In some ways, it's hard not to believe VanMoof focuses on city cycling. Amsterdam - a world-class bicycle city - is also known for its bicycle design and it is clear that VanMof has taken inspiration from ideal city bike architecture. This emphasis on city cycling is what makes VanMoofs models unique. The brand knows the nuances of riding on cities, a fact immediately apparent in vanMoof's model range. The brand's future direction has continued to point upward, and at quite an impressive rate at the time.


Batavitus, as well as Gazelle belong to the Dutch bike brand that has more than 30 years of cycling history. This is the largest manufacturer of motorcycle bicycles in the United States and has been established since 1904. Its headquarters are now located in Heerveen and are managed by Accell Group which is also responsible for other recognised brands like Winora Hercules Sparta and Lapierre. There are no hidden secrets in Batavius success, just an effort to bring up new models which can fulfill Dutch and other global consumers needs and desires.


Babboe has arguably been a unique e-bike brand due to its roots. It was actually founded by parents that aimed for the highest quality car. This was established in 2005. The group then started developing the ideal bicycle because cargo bikes were no longer available at the time, and it had the added advantage of being cheaper. The cargo bicycles with the Babboe logo became widespread in most cities in the Dutch countryside in surprisingly short spans. The electronic-aided variant of the Babboe Big was released in 2009.


Lekker is an Australian brand because that is how its operations have gone to date. The very Dutch heritage is what influences the design therefore this is actually more of a Dutch e-bike brand than anything else. This bike was first released in 2009 but the majority is based on more than one century Dutch cycling design traditions. However, Australia can't ignore this fact either. Ultimately, this combination of Dutch heritage and Australian culture makes Lekker unique. Both are easily recognisable in their creations.


QWIC was first started by two cyclists who were on their way in 2006, both men embarked on an adventure. The entire designer-engineering group is headquartered in Amsterdam, making QWIC another local product already popular in other countries in Europe like France and Belgium. The company believes in innovation as its priority, with an attention to detail in all their models and everything. The brand has already received several award nominations from 2015 to 2015, one recent being the iF Designer Award.


Gazelle is an innovative European electronic bike brand that is characteristic of the Netherlands. This momentum has remained in place for over 120 years. Established in the year 1892, Gazelle serves generations of Dutch riders. When people call Gazelle bikes they are often called Gazelles. This is an indication as to why these products are widely recognised locally as well as internationally. During this time the brand received several prestigious recognitions.

7,Jordaan+ eBike

€2.980,00 Pure Dutch bike construction from rear seat to rear the Jordam+ combines classic look with all mod cons and an attractive colour palette to choose from. Combining comfort, smoothness and power is a true electric experience; to go outside and visit cities, and to see them all. Jordan+ bike.

8,Amsterdam+ eBike

€22898.02. €2198800. Our newly upgraded Amsterdam Plus is now officially launched. Then, with introductory discounts up to 100 euros. Keep an edge by wearing tan-wall tyres; ensuring the ride matches the style with a padded handlebar stem. Amsterdam+ ebikes.

9,Jordaan GT ebike

The Jordan GT can be carried by heavy vehicles. This motorbike features an elegant style with amazingly high quality and an exceptionally smooth ride. Tell me about the wait? Let's move on. And we'll get to it! Jordas GT e-Bike.


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