Unveiling the Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB: Innovation, Comfort, and Performance in an Electric Bike

 In the realm of electric bicycles, the Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB stands as a shining example of innovation, comfort, and performance. With a host of advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this e-bike has captured the hearts of cyclists worldwide. In this blog, we'll delve into the strengths, outstanding features, and widespread admiration for the Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB. However, as we explore its remarkable qualities, we must also acknowledge its premium price tag and suggest an equally commendable alternative for those seeking affordability.

Advantages and Key Features

1. Seamless Gear Shifting

One of the most impressive features of the Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB is its robust Enviolo continuous gear hub, allowing for seamless gear shifting without intermediary steps, even while pedaling or stationary. This efficient drive system utilizes the Gates CDX belt, ensuring a quiet operation with minimal maintenance needs.

2. Day and Night Visibility

The Avignon C380 HMB boasts integrated daytime running lights, providing enhanced safety during both day and night rides. Its powerful 70-lumen front light is seamlessly integrated into the fender, ensuring visibility without compromise.

3. Exceptional Handling

Equipped with wide tires for improved handling and comfort, the Avignon C380 HMB ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride. The Magura disc brakes guarantee excellent stopping power, making braking effortless and controlled, particularly with the larger brake levers.

4. Powerful Bosch Performance Line Motor

Tackling challenging terrain or facing headwinds becomes a breeze with the powerful Bosch Performance Line mid-drive motor. Its significant 75 Nm torque output empowers riders to conquer any landscape with confidence. A must-have for cyclists who demand optimal performance.

5. Bosch Intuvia 100 Display

The Avignon C380 HMB features a detachable Bosch Intuvia 100 display, wirelessly connected to the bike. This easy-to-read screen offers essential ride data, all accessible through the LED remote control on the handlebars. With controls at your fingertips, you needn't worry about screen battery depletion.

The Premium Price Tag

While the Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB undoubtedly offers an exceptional ride, its premium price tag of 4,299.00 euros starting price might be a deterrent for some prospective buyers.

Affordable Alternative Recommendation

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, we recommend considering the FAFREES F26 Pro、SAMEBIKE RS-A01、GOGOBEST GM28 etc.

This model offers a compelling blend of performance and affordability, making it an excellent choice for riders who want a satisfying e-bike experience without breaking the bank.

Tire Size 26*1.75inch 29*1.75inch 26-1.95inch 26*3.0inch 27.5*1.5inch
Max Speed 25-32km/h 25km/h 25km/h 25km/h 25km/h
Power Assisted Range 70-90km 120km 80km 90km 80km
Electric Range 30-45km 100km No 45km 40km
Battery Capacity 36V 10AH 36V 15Ah 36V 10.4AH 48V 14Ah 36V 10.4AH
Motor Power 250W 250W 250W 750W 350W
Charging Time 6-8Hours 4-6Hours 4-6h 4-6Hours 5-6hours
Transmission SHIMANO 7-Speed SHIMANO 7-Speed Shimano 7-Speed 7 speed gear shift system SHIMANO 7-Speed
Net Weight 23.2kg 26.2kg 24kg 24kg 31.2kg
Brake System Mechanical Disc Brakes Mechanical Disc Brakes Dual Front&Rear Brake Mechanical disc brakes Mechanical Disc Brakes
Frame Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy / 6061 Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Frame
Shock Absorber Front Fork Hydraulic Suspension Fork Shock-absorbing front fork Oil pressure shock absorber front fork with lock,Saddle tube and saddle double shock absorbers /

Conclusion: The Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB is undeniably a remarkable electric bicycle, delivering on its promises of innovation, comfort, and performance. From its seamless gear shifting to its powerful motor and advanced display, it exemplifies the pinnacle of modern e-bike technology. However, for those looking to balance quality with affordability, exploring alternative options is a wise decision. Ultimately, the right choice depends on individual preferences, budget, and desired features.

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