About us

Welcome to Holaty.com!

Alex, Chief Executive Officer------Passionate Mountain Biker

Alex is a Ph.D. electrical engineer with over 10 years of experience in bicycle and engine companies and a passionate mountain biker with a passion for mountain sports. In the process of becoming a professional, he found that a good mountain bike sells for 600-1000 euros, but a good electric mountain bike in Europe can cost as much as 2000-3000 euros. As an electrical engineer, he is keen found that adding a motor, battery, controller to the bike doesn't increase the cost that much by 1000-2000 euros. Such a high price obviously hinders some people who love mountain bikes. Therefore, he decided to set up holaty.com to find high-quality e-bike brands to cooperate with, and formulate reasonable prices that most e-bike enthusiasts can accept. This is the original intention of the establishment.

Your online electric bike store

Holaty.com offers everything related to electric bikes! We want to be one of the largest online stores for e-bikes, parts, accessories in the EU. Affordable prices, reliable quality and beautiful designs are our motto throughout the store.

Mission: reliable quality, fair price and first-class customer service.

As one of the largest distributors of electric bicycles in europe such as HIMO, ADO, 5th WHEEL,JOBOBIKE,AVAKA,LANKEILESI,DUOTTS,HILAND,FASUER,HYPER GOGO, SAMEBIKE, ENGWE,FAFREES,GOGOBEST,SAFEWAY etc., we have a special relationship with these brands, which are based on the passion for electric bicycles!

Now, like ADO, SAMEBIKE, ENGWE,FAFREES,GOGOBEST has developed into a sought-after brand in EU, and their combination of innovative bike concepts and high-quality builds regularly gets us rave reviews in the most important media in Europe. The product quality also impresses customers. With their solid frame geometry and elegant design, they are ideal for electric bikes.

In short: Holaty.com puts premium electric bikes within reach of the EU!